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Best Practices for Complex Diacritics Handling in CONTENTdm
Jason W. Dean, Deborah E. Kulczak

Last modified: 2014-09-27


This poster is based upon a recently completed project at the University of Arkansas Libraries that dealt with metadata and items in a plethora of languages, from English and French to Quapaw, many of which required the use of unusual diacritical marks.  Such diacritics and special characters are ubiquitous not only in cultural resources associated with the humanities, but also in scientific and technical materials, and their correct rendering is often necessary for meaning. The poster will describe best practices for generating, converting, and ingesting diacritics into CONTENTdm Digital Collection Management Software (used by more than 2,000 institutions worldwide) for either metadata in a tab delimited file, or an accompanying text or translation document, or a controlled vocabulary list. Best practices for encoding and diacritics are confusing at best as described in the CONTENTdm support, and this poster aims to fill this knowledge gap.  Specific software to be discussed includes Excel, Open Office Calc, and Notepad ++.


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