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Designing an Archaeology Database: Mapping Field Notes to Archival Metadata
Ann Ellis

Last modified: 2014-09-27


The Stephen F. Austin State University Center for Digital Scholarship and Center for Regional Heritage Research engaged in a collaborative project to design and implement a database collection in a digital archive that would accommodate images, data and text related to archaeological artifacts located in East Texas. There were challenges in creating metadata profiles that could effectively manage, retrieve and display the disparate data in multiple discovery platforms.

The poster illustrates the steps that were taken to map field notes into useful archival metadata. Using original notes and field record information a preliminary data dictionary was created. After collaborative edits and revisions were made, a comprehensive data dictionary was designed to represent the materials in the collection. From this, a profile was configured in the digital archive platform to allow for upload of the metadata and images, and for discovery and display of the archaeological artifacts and related works.

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