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Workshops (Professional Program)

Buidling Curriculum for Linked Data Education Introduction (PDF) Building the Index (PDF) Competency Index Text (PDF) Exercise Prompts (PDF)
Michael D. Crandall, Marcia Lei Zeng, Thomas Baker, David Talley

Special Sessions (Professional Program)

Current Work of the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative, Building on to Describe Learning Resources Session Agenda (PDF) Session Introduction (PDF) Wallis on (PDF) LRMI Introduction (PDF) Uses of LRMI (PDF) Next Steps (PDF) Balloon Debate (PDF)
Phil Barker, Lorna M Campbell, Richard Wallis
Learning Linked Data Abstract (PDF) Presentation (PDF)
Michael D. Crandall, Thomas Baker, Marjorie MK Hlava, Marcia Lei Zeng, Stuart A. Sutton, David Talley

Full Papers (Technical Program)

The British National Bibliography: Who uses our Linked Data? Paper (PDF) Presentation (PDF)
Corine Deliot, Neil Wilson, Luca Costabello, Pierre-Yves Vandenbussche

Posters (Technical Program)

Using DC Metadata in preservation content: the case of the Italian “Protocollo Informatico” Abstract (PDF) Poster (PDF)
Anna Rovella, Nicola Ielpo, Assunta Caruso

Presentations on Metadata (Professional Program)

A Study on the Best Practice for Constructing a Cross-lingual Ontology Abstract (PDF) Presentation (PDF)
Yi-Yun Cheng, Hsueh-Hua Chen
POSTDATA – Towards publishing European Poetry as Linked Open Data Abstract (PDF) Presentation (PDF)
Mariana Curado Malta, Elena Gonzalez-Blanco, Paloma Centenera
A Pilot Study on Linked Open Data in Cultural Heritage: A Use Case of the Taiwan Digital Archives Union Catalogue Abstract (PDF) Presentation (PDF)
(Sophy) Shu-Jiun Chen, Chunya Wen
The Global Agricultural Concept Scheme and Agrisemantics Abstract (PDF) Presentation (PDF)
Thomas Baker, Caterina Caracciolo, Anton Doroszenko, Lori Finch, Osma Suominen, Sujata Suri

Best Practice Posters (Professional Program)

Loosely Coupled Metadata Repositories for Discoverability of Linked Data Learning Resources BP Poster (PDF)
David W. Talley, Abigail Evans, Joseph Chapman, Michael D. Crandall

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