Presentations and Authors

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Workshops (Professional Program)

Design Your Linkable Metadata: Guided Brainstorming Introduction (PDF) Guide (PDF)
Mariana Curado Malta, Eva Méndez, Ana Alice Baptista, Tom Baker

Special Sessions (Professional Program)

Applying Taxonomies in Publishing Ven Eman Presentation (PDF) Bradford Presentation (PDF) McNaughton Presentation (PDF)
Marjorie MK Hlava, Jay Ven Eman, Monica M. Bradford, Charlotte McNaughton

Project Reports (Technical Program)

Aggregating Metadata from Heterogeneous Pop Culture Resources on the Web Report (PDF) Presentation (PDF)
Senan Kiryakos, Shigeo Sugimoto, Mitsuharu Nagamori, Tetsuya Mihara

Posters (Technical Program)

Digital Asset Management Systems: Open Source or Not Open Source? Abstract (PDF) Poster (PDF)
Marina Morgan, Naomi Eichenlaub
Dolmen: A Linked Open Data Model to Enhance Museum Object Descriptions Abstract (PDF) Poster (PDF)
Clément Arsenault, Elaine Ménard

Presentations on Metadata (Professional Program)

POSTDATA – Towards publishing European Poetry as Linked Open Data Abstract (PDF) Presentation (PDF)
Mariana Curado Malta, Elena Gonzalez-Blanco, Paloma Centenera

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