DCMI Global Meetings & Conferences, DC-2018, Porto, Portugal

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TPDL/DCMI 2018: Networked Knowledge Organisation Systems and Services (NKOS) Workshop
Joseph A Busch, Philipp Mayr, Douglas Tudhope, Koraljka Golub, Marjorie Hlava, Marcia Zeng

Last modified: 2018-09-14


We propose a full-day workshop of research projects and development related to next-generation Networked Knowledge Organization Systems/Services (NKOS) in digital libraries. This proposal builds on the well-attended NKOS workshops at previous ECDL, TPDL, JCDL, Dublin Core DCMI conferences (see NKOS website[1] for details). We expect approximately 30 attendees at this workshop. The proposal is supported by the international NKOS network, its website and discussion list. Presentations are made available on the workshop website.

Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS), in the form of classification systems, taxonomies, thesauri, ontologies, and lexical databases, play a crucial role in digital information management and applications generally. Carrying semantics in a well-controlled and documented way, Knowledge Organisation Systems serve a variety of important functions: tools for representation and indexing of information and documents, knowledge-based support to information searchers, semantic road maps to domains and disciplines, communication tool by providing conceptual framework, and conceptual basis for knowledge-based systems, e.g. automated classification systems.

More information at : https://at-web1.comp.glam.ac.uk/pages/research/hypermedia/nkos/nkos2018/programme.html

Proceedings of the papers of the workshop: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-2200/

[1] NKOS website. http://nkos.slis.kent.edu/