DCMI Global Meetings & Conferences, DC-2018, Porto, Portugal

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Providing Access to Cultural Objects Curated in Digital Collections – Models and Profiles
Marcia Lei Zeng, Shigeo Sugimoto, Wei Liu, Maja Žumer

Last modified: 2018-09-10


This panel brings together researchers involved in the research and development (R&D) of structured data about information resources with a focus on cultural objects (mainly non-conventional) curated in digital collections. The uniqueness of these collections is that they are not constrained by physical location or the premises of an institution, thus aggregation and re-organization of metadata based on a common model is needed. This uniqueness is also reflected in the cases of digital collections with which the panelists have been involved, including: intangible cultural heritage in developing countries in South/Southeast Asia; Japanese pop-culture (particularly Manga); disaster archive records, genealogy records, ancient Chinese books, and music resources in general. The panelists will share the developments and research findings in three layes: 1, modeling for the domain in question, 2, extension and refinement of conceptual models, and 3, constructing of application profiles and knowledge bases, which are used in real object descriptions, as well as platform construction built on data models. The panelists will discuss challenges, processes, limitations, and strategies.