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DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Dublin Core Metadata for Research Data - Lessons Learned in a Real-World Scenario with datorium Abstract
Andias Wira Alam
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Dublin Core to Ensure Interoperability between Models Generated by Tools of Species Distribution Modeling Abstract
Cleverton Ferreira Borba, Pedro Luiz P. Correa
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Dublin Core Usage for Describing Documents in Brazilian Government Digital Libraries Abstract
Diego José Macêdo, Milton Shintaku, Ronnie Fagundes de Brito
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Dublin Core: A Metadata Standard in the "3 Marys" Abstract
Ana Carla Cunha Nascimento, Rayssa Thaynara Madeira Correia, Márcio Bezerra Da Silva
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Ecco!: A Linked Open Data Service for Collaborative Named Entity Resolution Abstract
Matthew Miller, M. Cristina Pattuelli
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Elaboration of Controlled Vocabularies Using SKOS Abstract
Juan Antonio Pastor Sánchez
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Embedded Metadata – A Tool for Digital Excavation Abstract
Ana Cox
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. Enhancing Metadata though Standardization and Validation: Practical Application at the University of Kansas Libraries Abstract
Erin Wolfe
DC-2012, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia Enriching Webpages with Semantic Information Abstract
Norbaitiah Ambiah, Dickson Lukose
DC-2011, The Hague Envisioning Future DCMI Publishing Abstract
Stuart A. Sutton, Thomas Baker
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. Estimating Domain Models from Metadata Instances to Improve Usability of LOD Datasets Abstract
Ryouta Kinjou, Mitsuharu Nagamori, Shigeo Sugimoto
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Evolution of an Application Profile: Advancing Metadata Best Practices through the Dryad Data Repository Abstract
Edward M. Krause, Erin Clary, Adrian Ogletree, Jane Greenberg
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Evolution of Dublin Core Metadata Standard: An Analysis of the Literature from 1995-2013 Abstract
Felipe Augusto Arakaki, Plácida Leopoldina Ventura Amorim da Costa Santos, Rachel Cristina Vesu Alves
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. Expanding the Institutional Repository Mission: Innovating with Linked Data for NASA Digital Curation Abstract
Adrienne Milner Hieb, Matthew M. Pearson, Mitchell Shelton
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal Experiments in Operationalizing Metadata Quality Interfaces: A Case Study at the University of North Texas Libraries Abstract
Mark Edward Phillips, Hannah Tarver
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Exploiting the Value of Dublin Core through Pragmatic Development Abstract
Paul Walk
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Exploratory Analysis of Metadata Edit Events in the UNT Libraries' Digital Collections Abstract
Hannah Tarver, Mark Phillips
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark Exploring the “Movie” Standard Metadata for Documentary and Independent Films Abstract
Deborah A Garwood
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Exposing Library Holdings Metadata in RDF Using Semantics Abstract
Myung-Ja K. Han, Timothy W Cole, Patricia Lampron, M. Janina Sarol
DC-2012, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia Extending Basic Dublin Core Elements for an Open Research Data Archive Abstract
Andias Wira-Alam, Dimitar Dimitrov, Wolfgang Zenk-Möltgen
DC-2011, The Hague Extending DCAM for Metadata Provenance Abstract
Kai Eckert, Daniel Garijo, Michael Panzer
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. Extending Legacy Metadata with Linked Open Data Abstract
Jacob Jett, Timothy W Cole, Alex Kinnamen, Deren Kudeki, Myung-Ja (MJ) K. Han, Caroline Szylowicz
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Extracting Description Set Profiles from RDF Datasets using Metadata Instances and SPARQL Queries Abstract
Tsunagu Honma, Kei Tanaka, Mitsuharu Nagamori, Shigeo Sugimoto
DC-2012, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia Extracting Output Schemas from XSLT Stylesheets and Their Possible Applications Abstract
Ruben Mendes, José Borbinha, Hugo Manguinhas
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil EZID: Easy Identifier and Metadata Management Abstract
John Kunze, Greg Janée, Joan Starr
DC-2011, The Hague Facet Analysis of Archival Metadata Standards to Support Appropriate Selection, Combination and Use of Metadata Schemas Abstract
Jae-Eun Baek, Shigeo Sugimoto
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. Facilitating Information Sharing and Collaboration through Taxonomy at the Federal Reserve Board Abstract
Jennifer Gilbert, Alison Raab Labonte, Franz Osorio
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Find and Combine Vocabularies to Design Metadata Application Profiles using Schema Registries and LOD Resources Abstract
Tsunagu Honma, Mitsuharu Nagamori, Shigeo Sugimoto
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Fonds & Bonds: Archival Metadata, Tools, and Identity Management Abstract
Eric Childress, Gavan McCarthy, Daniel Pitti, Michael Rush, Valentine Charles, Kerstin Arnold, Bradley Westbrook, Tim A. Thompson, Mairelys Lemus-Rojas, Ethan Gruber, Anila Angjeli, Hannah Tarver
DC-2011, The Hague Free-text Collection-Level Subject Metadata in Large-Scale Digital Libraries: A Comparative Content Analysis Abstract
Oksana L. Zavalina
DC-2011, The Hague From Dublin Core to Linked Data Abstract
Paul Hermans
DC-2012, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia Functional and Architectural Requirements for Metadata: Supporting Discovery and Management of Scientific Data Abstract
Jian Qin, Alex Ball, Jane Greenberg
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Gateway to Oklahoma History Case Study: Structured Data and Metadata Evaluation for Improved Resource Findability on the Web Abstract
Emily Ann Kolvitz
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Guidance, Please! Towards a Framework for RDF-Based Constraint Languages Abstract
Thomas Bosch, Kai Eckert
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. How Descriptive Metadata Changes in the UNT Libraries' Collections: A Case Study Abstract
Hannah Tarver, Oksana Zavalina, Mark Phillips, Daniel Alemneh, Shadi Shakeri
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal How Portable Are the Metadata Standards for Scientific Data? A Proposal for a Metadata Infrastructure Abstract
Jian Qin, Kai Li
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil How Should We Teach Metadata? What Comparisons Between Job Ad and Classroom Trends Can Tell Us About Preparing LIS Students Abstract
Deborah Maron, Jacob Hill
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. How To Build A Local Thesaurus Abstract
Robert H. Estep
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. How to Design & Build Semantic Applications with Linked Data Abstract
David N. Clarke, Alasdair Macdonald, Scott Renton
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark How to develop a metadata profile with agility Abstract
Paul Walk
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark Identifier Services: Tracking Objects and Metadata Across Time and Distributed Storage Systems Abstract
Maria Esteva, Ramona Walls
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark Identifier Usage and Maintenance in the UNT Libraries’ Digital Collections Abstract
Hannah Tarver, Mark Phillips
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. IFLA LRM – Finally Here Abstract
Maja Žumer, Pat Riva
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Implementation of a Linked Open Data Solution for the Statistics Agency of Cantabria's Metadata and Data Bank Abstract
Alejandro Villar Fernández, Ana Santurtún Zarrabeitia
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal IN2N: Cross-institutional Authority Collaboration Abstract
Alexander Haffner
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. Integrated Learning of Metadata Quality Evaluation and Metadata Application Profile Development in a Graduate Metadata Course Abstract
Oksana Zavalina
DC-2011, The Hague Integrating Ontology-based Metadata Enrichment into a CMS-based Research Infrastructure Abstract
Dennis Spohr, Philipp Cimiano, Cord Wiljes
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Integration of Research Data and Research Data Links into Library Catalogues Abstract
Dominique Ritze, Katarina Boland
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Interlinking Cross Language Metadata Using Heterogeneous Graphs and Wikipedia Abstract
Xiaozhong Liu, Miao Chen, Jian Qin
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Interlinking Two Institutional KOS about Agroecology: Using LOD Agrovoc to Circumvent the Language Barrier in Identifying Terminological Intersections Abstract
Sophie Aubin, Pascal Aventurier, Ivo Júnior Pierozzi, Leandro Henrique Mendonça Oliveira
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark Interoperability Workbench -- Collaborative Tool for Publishing Core Vocabularies and Application Profiles Abstract
Miika Alonen, Suvi Remes
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Introduction to Linked Open Data (LOD) Abstract
Ivan Herman
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Introduction to Ontology Concepts and Terminology Abstract
Steven J. Miller
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal Introductions & Full Proceedings Abstract
Mariana Curado Malta, Kai Eckert
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Joa Archival Description Application Profile Abstract
Diana Vilas Boas Souto Aleixo, Maria Elisabete Catarino, Ana Alice Rodrigues Pereira Baptista
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Language-Acquisition Inspired Sustainability Modeling for Application Profiles Abstract
Emma Tonkin
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil LD4PE: A Competency-Based Framework for DCMI's Professional Education and Training Agenda Abstract
Thomas Baker, Michael D. Crandall, Stuart A. Sutton, Marcia Lei Zeng
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. LD4PE: A Competency-based Guide to Linked Data Principles and Practices Abstract
Michael D. Crandall, Stuart A. Sutton, Marcia Zeng, Thomas Baker, Abigail Evans, Sean Dolan, Joseph Chapman, David Talley, Michael Lauruhn
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark Learning Linked Data Abstract
Michael D. Crandall, Thomas Baker, Marjorie MK Hlava, Marcia Lei Zeng, Stuart A. Sutton, David Talley
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Lessons Learned in Implementing the Extended Date/Time Format in a Large Digital Library Abstract
Hannah Tarver, Mark Phillips
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Leveraging SKOS to Trace the Overhaul of the STW Thesaurus for Economics Abstract
Joachim Neubert
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal Leveraging Standards to Turn Data to Capabilities in Agriculture Abstract
Medha Devare
DC-2012, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia Leveraging the DDI Model for Linked Statistical Data in the Social, Behavioural, and Economic Sciences Abstract
Thomas Bosch, Richard Cyganiak, Joachim Wackerow, Benjamin Zapilko, Arofan Gregory
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Libraries Community Abstract
Stefanie Ruehle, Sarah Hartmann
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal Lightweight rights modeling and linked data publication for online cultural heritage Abstract
Antoine Isaac, Mark Matienzo, Michael Steidl
DC-2012, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia Linked Data Based Library Web Services For Economics Abstract
Joachim Neubert
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Linked Data Driven Dynamic Web Services for Providing Multilingual Access to Diverse Japanese Humanities Databases Abstract
Biligsaikhan Batjargal, Takeo Kuyama, Fuminori Kimura, Akira Maeda
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. Linked Data for Production: Technical Services Workflow Evolution Through Tracer Bullets Abstract
Philip Evan Schreur, Arcadia Falcone, Nancy Lorimer, Joshua Greben
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Linked Data Mapping Cultures: An Evaluation of Metadata Usage and Distribution in a Linked Data Environment Abstract
Konstantin Baierer, Evelyn Dröge, Vivien Petras, Violeta Trkulja
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal Linked Data Publishing and Ontology in Korea Libraries Abstract
DC-2011, The Hague Linked Jazz: An Exploratory Prototype Abstract
Cristina Pattuelli, Chris Weller, Genevieve Szablya
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal Linking knowledge organization systems via Wikidata Abstract
Joachim Neubert
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal LOD-KOS: A Framework for Private Enterprise Data as well as Public Open Data Abstract
Dave Clarke
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Long-term Preservation and Governance of RDF Vocabularies Abstract
Thomas Baker, Bernard Vatant, Pierre-Yves Vandenbussche
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark Loosely Coupled Metadata Repositories for Discoverability of Linked Data Learning Resources Abstract
David W. Talley, Abigail Evans, Joseph Chapman, Michael D. Crandall
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Making Vendor-Generated Metadata Work for Archival Collections Using VRA and Python Abstract
Carolyn Hansen, Sean Crowe
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Maps and Gaps: Strategies for Vocabulary Design and Development Abstract
Diane Ileana Hillmann, Gordon Dunsire, Jon Phipps
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. MARC to Providing Better Access to UIUC Library Holdings Data Abstract
Timothy Cole, Michael Norman, Patricia Lampron, William Weathers, Ayla Stein, M. Janina Sarol, Myung-Ja Han
DC-2011, The Hague Meta-Bridge: A Development of Metadata Information Infrastructure in Japan Abstract
Mitsuharu Nagamori, Shigeo Sugimoto, Masahide Kanzaki, Naohisa Torigoshi
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal Metadata 2020: Metadata Connections Across Scholarly Communications Abstract
Patricia Feeney
DC-2011, The Hague Metadata Aggregation in Historical Engineering Archives: Building an Integrated Metadata Registry Abstract
Ricardo Eito-Brun
DC-2011, The Hague Metadata Approaches for Shareable and LOD-enabled Bibliographic Data from Open Repositories Abstract
Imma Subirats, Marcia Lei Zeng, Johannes Keizer
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal Metadata as Content: Navigating the Intersection of Repositories, Documentation, and Legacy Futures Abstract
Erik Radio
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Metadata Capital in a Data Repository Abstract
Jane Greenberg, Shea Swauger, Elena Feinstein
DC-2012, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia Metadata Development for Palm Leaf Manuscripts in Thailand Abstract
Lampang Manmart, Nisachol Chamnongsri, Vilas Wuwongse, Shigeo Sugimoto
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Metadata Extraction and Register for Enterprise Information Architecture in the Brazilian House of Representatives Abstract
Mariana Baptista Brandt
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark Metadata for 3D Geological Models: Definition and Implementation Abstract
Etienne Taffoureau, Christelle Loiselet
DC-2011, The Hague Metadata for a Micro-services-based Digital Curation System Abstract
Kevin Clair
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. Metadata for Improving Transparency in the Credentialing Marketplace Abstract
Jeanne Kitchens, Stuart A. Sutton, Robert G. Sheets
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Metadata for Models Generated by OpenModeller Abstract
Agnei Silva, Cleverton Ferreira Borba, Pedro Luiz Pizzigatti Correa
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Metadata for Research Data: Current Practices and Trends Abstract
Sharon Farnel, Ali Shiri
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal Metadata for Smart Sustainable Cities Abstract
Claudia Sousa Monteiro, Carlos Santos Silva, Catarina Selada, Vera Nunes, Paula Monteiro, Ana Alice Baptista, João Tremoceiro
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. Metadata for the Certificates of Energy Efficiency of Buildings in Smart Cities Abstract
Ana Alice Baptista, Sara Catarina Silva
DC-2011, The Hague Metadata Harmonization for Fun and Profit Abstract
Mikael Nilsson
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Metadata Integration for an Archaeology Collection Architecture Abstract
Sivakumar Kulasekaran, Jessica Trelogan, Maria Esteva, Michael Johnson
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal Metadata Models for Organizing Digital Archives on the Web: Metadata-Centric Projects at Tsukuba and Lessons Learned Abstract
Shigeo Sugimoto, Senan Kiryakos, Chiranthi Wijesundara, Winda Monika, Tetsuya Mihara, Mitsuharu Nagamori
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark Metadata on Biodiversity: Definition and Implementation Abstract
Etienne Taffoureau
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Metadata Provenance Abstract
Kai Eckert
DC-2011, The Hague Metadata Provenance Task Group Workshop Abstract
Kai Eckert, Michael Panzer
DC-2011, The Hague Metadata Provenance: Dublin Core on the Next Level Abstract
Kai Eckert, Daniel Garijo, Michael Panzer, Ömer Perçin
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