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DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Metadata Quality Control for Content Migration: The Metadata Migration Project at the University of Houston Abstract
Andrew Weidner, Annie Wu
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal Metadata quality: Generating SHACL rules from UML class diagrams Abstract
Emidio Stani
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Metadata Reuse to Populate an Institutional Repository: Procedures Applied in UNESP Institutional Repository Abstract
Silvana Aparecida Borsetti Gregorio Vidotti, Flávia Maria Bastos, Juliano Benedito Ferreira, Ana Paula Grisoto, Fabrício Silva Assumpção, Renata Eleutério da Silva, Vítor Silvério Rodrigues, Oberdan Luiz May
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Metadata Workflows Across Research Domains: Challenges and Opportunities for Supporting the DFC Cyberinfrastructure Abstract
Adrian T. Ogletree
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Metadata Zoo Abstract
Rebecca Koskela
DC-2011, The Hague Metadata-related Challenges for Realizing a Federated Searching System for Japanese Humanities Databases Abstract
Biligsaikhan Batjargal, Fuminori Kimura, Akira Maeda
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Metadictionary: Advocating for a Community-driven Metadata Vocabulary Application Abstract
Jane Greenberg, Angela Murillo, John Kunze, Sarah Callaghan, Rob Guralnick, Nassib Nassar, Karthik Ram, Greg Janee, Christopher Patton
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil MOD: Metadata for Ontology Description and Publication Abstract
Biswanath Dutta, Durgesh Nandini, Gautam Kishore Shahi
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal Modeling and application profiles in the Art and Rare Materials BIBFRAME Ontology Extension Abstract
Jason Kovari, Melanie Wacker, Huda Khan, Steven Folsom
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark Modeling Cultural Evolution with Metadata Collections Abstract
Nicholas M. Weber, Andrea K. Thomer
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal National Diet Library Data for Open Knowledge and Community Empowerment Abstract
Saho Yasumatsu, Tomoko Okuda
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark National Diet Library Dublin Core Metadata Description (DC-NDL): Describing Japanese Metadata and Connecting Pieces of Data Abstract
Saho Yasumatsu, Akiko Hashizume, Julie Fukuyama
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. Networked Knowledge Organization Systems (NKOS) Workshop Abstract
Joseph A Busch, Gail M. Hodge, Marcia Lei Zeng
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Normalizing Decentralized Metadata Practices Using Business Process Improvement Methodology: A Data-informed Approach to Identifying Institutional Core Metadata Abstract
Emily Porter
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark Ontology Assessment and Extension : A Case Study on LD4L and BIBFRAME Abstract
Steven Folsom, Jason Kovari
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Ontology-Enabled Metadata Schema Generator: The Design Approach Abstract
Jian Qin, Xiaozhong Liu, Miao Chen
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal Open Science in a Connected Society Abstract
Natalia Manola
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal OpenAIRE Guidelines for Data Archive, Literature Repository and CRIS Managers Abstract
Pedro Príncipe, Eloy Rodrigues, Najla Rettberg, Jochen Schirrwagen, Mathias Loesch, Mikael Karstensen Elbæk, Lars Holm Nielsen
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal OpenAIREplus: Supporting Interoperability through Guidelines Abstract
Najla Rettberg, Pedro Principe, Eloy Rodrigues
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. ORCID: Using API Calls to Assess Metadata Completeness Abstract
Naomi Eichenlaub, Marina Morgan
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Overview: Positioning DCMI & Dublin Core in the Metadata Ecosystem Abstract
Stuart A. Sutton, Thomas Baker
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Particle Physics Metadata Standards in the Tritium File Format Abstract
Kevin Wierman, Adrian Ogletree, Jane Greenberg
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark PCC Task Group on URIs in MARC Report Abstract
Jackie Shieh, Terry Reese, Jean Godby, Steven Folsom, Tiziana Possemato
DC-2011, The Hague Performing Statistical Methods on Linked Data Abstract
Benjamin Zapilko, Brigitte Mathiak
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark Permanence and Temporal Interoperability of Metadata in the Linked Open Data Environment Abstract
Shigeo Sugimoto, Chunqiu Li, Mitsuharu Nagamori, Jane Greenberg
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Persistent Identifiers for Metadata Terms in a Crowd-Sourced Vocabulary Abstract
John Kunze, Greg Janee, Christopher Patton
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Planning a Platform for Learning Linked Data Abstract
Michael D. Crandall, Joseph Tennis, Stuart Sutton, Thomas Baker, David Talley
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark POSTDATA – Towards publishing European Poetry as Linked Open Data Abstract
Mariana Curado Malta, Elena Gonzalez-Blanco, Paloma Centenera
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Preceedings of the 2013 CAMP-4-DATA Workshop Abstract
Jane Greenberg, Alex Ball, Keith Jeffrey, Jian Qin, Rebecca Koskela
DC-2011, The Hague Product Lifecycle Metadata Harmonization with the Future in OAIS Archives Abstract
Jörg Brunsmann
DC-2011, The Hague Profiling Transformations in Heterogeneous and Large Scale Metadata Harvesting Processes Abstract
João Sequeira, João Edmundo, Hugo Manguinhas, Gilberto Pedrosa, José Borbinha
DC-2012, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia Proof and Trust in the OpenAGRIS Implementation Abstract
Yves Jaques, Stefano Anibaldi, Fabrizio Celli, Imma Subirats, Armando Stellato, Johannes Keizer
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Proposal of application profile for Digital Images for Libraries, Archives and Museums (DILAM) conceptual model Abstract
Ana Carolina Simionato, Plácida Leopoldina Ventura Amorim da Costa Santos
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Provenance and Annotations for Linked Data Abstract
Kai Eckert
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Provenance Cantral: More Mikeage from Provenance Metadata Abstract
Bertram Ludäscher, Paolo Missier
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Provenance Description of Metadata using PROV with PREMIS for Long-term Use of Metadata Abstract
Chunqiu Li, Shigeo Sugimoto
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal Providing Access to Cultural Objects Curated in Digital Collections – Models and Profiles Abstract
Marcia Lei Zeng, Shigeo Sugimoto, Wei Liu, Maja Žumer
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. PunkCore: Developing an Application Profile for the Culture of Punk Abstract
Joelen Pastva, Valerie Harris
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. RDF Application Profiles and Tools for Metadata Validation and Quality Control Abstract
Mark A. Matienzo, Kevin Ford, Tom Johnson, Eric Miller, David Wood
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. RDF Validation in the Cultural Heritage Community Abstract
Karen Coyle, Kai Eckert, Stefanie Rühle, Karen Coyle, Thomas Baker, Thomas Bosch, Tom Johnson
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Realising a Federation of Repositories of Reusable Metadata Abstract
Nikolaos Loutas, Stijn Goedertier, João Rodrigues Frade, Christophe Colas, Michiel De Keyzer, Debora Di Giacomo, Makx Dekkers, Vassilios Peristeras
DC-2012, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia Recordkeeping Metadata, the Archival Multiverse, and Societal Grand Challenges Abstract
Anne Gilliland, Sue McKemmish
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark Remixing Archival Metadata Project (RAMP) 2.0: Recent Developments and Analysis of Wikipedia Referrals Abstract
Mairelys Lemus-Rojas
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Representation of the UNIMARC Bibliographic Data Format in Resource Description Framework Abstract
Gordon Dunsire, Mirna Willer, Predrag Peroži?
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Requirements on RDF Constraint Formulation and Validation Abstract
Thomas Bosch, Kai Eckert
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal Research data management in the field of Ecology: an overview Abstract
Cristiana Alves, João Aguiar Castro, Cristina Ribeiro, João Pradinho Honrado, Angela Lomba
DC-2011, The Hague Resource Description and Access (RDA) as a Content Standard for the Dublin Core Abstract
Myung-Ja K. Han, Melanie Wacker, Judith Dartt
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Retaining Metadata in Remixed Cultural Heritage Objects Abstract
Jamie Viva Wittenberg
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Reusing Legacy Metadata for Digital Projects: The Colorado Coal Project Collection Abstract
Michael Dulock
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Reusing Textual Resources in Educational Assessment: Adding Text Readability Metrics to Learning Metadata Abstract
Muriel Foulonneau, Eric Ras, Elie Abou Zeid, Talar Atéchian
DC-2011, The Hague Satellites, the Elsevier format for ancillary information to scientific journals and books Abstract
David Kuilman, Martin Ruck
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark Save the Children Resource Libraries: Aligning Internal Technical Resource Libraries with a Public Distribution Website Abstract
Joseph A. Busch, Branka Kosovac, Katie Konrad, Martin Svensson
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A., SchemaBibExtend - Structured Data on the Web Abstract
Richard Wallis, Charles McCathie Nevile, Dan Scott
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Structured Data on the Web – An Extending Influence Abstract
Richard Wallis
DC-2011, The Hague Scherzo: A FRBR-Based Music Discovery System Abstract
Mark Notess, Jon W. Dunn, Juliet L. Hardesty
DC-2011, The Hague Semantic bibliography based on ontology and linked data Abstract
Haiyan Bai, Xiaodong Qiao, Bing Liang
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Separation of Concerns: PID Information Types and Domain Metadata Abstract
Tobias Weigel, Timothy DiLauro
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. SEPIA Project: Providing Access to Digital Image Content for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Abstract
Jennifer Sweeney
DC-2011, The Hague SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System) Abstract
Antoine Isaac
DC-2011, The Hague Social Tagging Community Workshop Abstract
Emma Tonkin, Eva M. Méndez
DC-2012, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia Special session on Semantic Web Vocabularies and Drupal Abstract
John Fereira, Joachim Neubert, Johannes Keizer, Thomas Baker
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark Stable, Persistent Metadata terms Abstract
Thomas Baker, Leif Andresen, Paul Walk
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Study of Adhesion between Dublin Core and Marc: Reviewing the Interoperability between UNESP and the National Library Abstract
Elaine Parra Affonso, Elizabete Cristina de Souza de Aguiar Monteiro, Ricardo César Gonçalves Sant’ana
DC-2011, The Hague Style Guidelines for Naming and Labeling Ontologies in the Multilingual Web Abstract
Elena Montiel-Ponsoda, Daniel Vila-Suero, Boris Villazón-Terrazas, Gordon Dunsire, Elena Escolano, Asunción Gómez-Pérez
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Sweet Potato Ontology Abstract
Vilma Rocio Hualla Mamani, Reinhard Simon, Robert Mwanga, Henry Saul Juarez Soto, Genoveva Rossel Montesinos
DC-2011, The Hague Taking Music Metadata from MARC to FRBR to RDF Abstract
Madelyn Washington, Mark Notess, Jon W. Dunn
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. The 1:1 Principle in the Age of Linked Data Abstract
Richard J. Urban
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. The ARK Identifier Scheme: Lessons Learnt at the BnF and Questions Yet Unanswered Abstract
Sébastien Peyrard, John A. Kunze, Jean-Philippe Tramoni
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark The British National Bibliography: Who uses our Linked Data? Abstract
Corine Deliot, Neil Wilson, Luca Costabello, Pierre-Yves Vandenbussche
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal The DCC Disciplinary Metadata Catalogue Abstract
Alex Ball
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. The Development of Application Profile for the OAK Institutional Repository Abstract
Mihwa Lee, Jee-Hyun Rho, Eun-Ju Lee, Yoon Kyung Choi
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. The Digital Public Library of America Ingestion Ecosystem: Lessons Learned After One Year of Large-Scale Collaborative Metadata Aggregation Abstract
Mark A. Matienzo, Amy Rudersdorf
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark The Dutch Art & Architecture Thesaurus® Put into Practice: The Example of Anet, Antwerp Abstract
Karen Andree, Reem Weda
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark The Global Agricultural Concept Scheme and Agrisemantics Abstract
Thomas Baker, Caterina Caracciolo, Anton Doroszenko, Lori Finch, Osma Suominen, Sujata Suri
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil The Linkable Neil Armstrong: Using BIBFRAME to Increase Visibility of Digital Collections Abstract
Carolyn Hansen, Sean Crowe
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. The NDL Great East Japan Earthquake Archive: Features of Metadata Schema Abstract
Julie Fukuyama, Akiko Hashizume
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. The Post-Truth Information Age: Developing a Metadata Community Response Abstract
David N Clarke
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal The Research of Open Conference Resources Organization based on RDA Description Abstract
Miaoling Chai, Jiang Zhu
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. The Role of Metadata in an Open Knowledge Age? Abstract
Sayeed Choudhury
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark The Role of Metadata in the SECOND Machine Age Abstract
Bradley Paul Allen
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal The times they are a changin' - implementing a modern library and information science curriculum Abstract
Magnus Pfeffer
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. The TR32DB Metadata Schema: A Multi-level Metadata Schema for an Interdisciplinary Project Database Abstract
Constanze Curdt, Dirk Hoffmeister
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil The Use of Application Profiles and Metadata Schemas by Digital Repositories: Findings from a Survey Abstract
Morgana Carneiro Andrade, Ana Alice Rodrigues Pereira Baptista
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. The Use of Digital Object Identifiers in the National Diet Library Digital Collections Abstract
Saho Yasumatsu, Tomoko Okuda
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal The Use Of Persistent Identifiers In Dublin Core Metadata Abstract
Paul Walk, Tom Baker
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal The W3C Provenance Ontology Abstract
Daniel Garijo
DC-2011, The Hague Thesaurus alignment for Linked Data publishing Abstract
Johannes Keizer, Ahsan Morshed, Caterina Caracciolo, Gudrun Johannsen
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. Topic maps for digital scholarly monographs Abstract
Alexandra Alisa Provo, Michel Biezunski
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. Towards a BIBFRAME Implementation: The bibliotek-o Framework Abstract
Jason Kovari, Steven Folsom, Rebecca Younes
DC-2011, The Hague Towards Contextually Descriptive Embedded Metadata Abstract
Matthew Miller, Chris Mullin
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Towards Description Set Profiles for RDF using SPARQL as Intermediate Language Abstract
Thomas Bosch, Kai Eckert
DC-2011, The Hague Towards Linked Data for Libraries, Archives and Museums Abstract
Emmanuelle Bermes
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark Towards the Development of a Metadata Model for a Digital Cultural Heritage Collection with Focus on Provenance Information Abstract
Susanne Al-Eryani, Stefanie Rühle
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Towards the Representation of Chinese Traditional Music: A State of the Art Review of Music Metadata Standards Abstract
Mi Tian, György Fazekas, Dawn Black, Mark Sandler
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal TPDL/DCMI 2018: Networked Knowledge Organisation Systems and Services (NKOS) Workshop Abstract
Joseph A Busch, Philipp Mayr, Douglas Tudhope, Koraljka Golub, Marjorie Hlava, Marcia Zeng
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Training the Trainers for Linked Data Abstract
Seth van Hooland, Ruben Verborgh
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Training the Trainers for Linked Data Abstract
Seth van Hooland, Ruben Verborgh
DC-2011, The Hague Translation Task Group Workshop Abstract
Karen Rollitt, Shigeo Sugimoto
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Understanding Metadata Needs when Migrating DAMS Abstract
Ayla Stein, Santi Thompson
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. Understanding users' metadata needs: How do we know what they want? Abstract
Jeanette Norris
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