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In collaboration with our host, the Texas Digital Library, DCMI seeks to increase the participation of graduate students (particularly masters in professional programs) and early career professionals in the Conference and Annual Meeting activities by having their schools and employing institutions sponsor their attendance. The goal is to support the next generation of metadata specialists—and other metadata apprentices—in the dark mysteries of metadata practice.

At the Conference, the next generation professionals will engage in 1-on-1 and group interactions with leading researchers, consultants, and practitioners shaping the metadata ecosystem and in a Special Session designed specifically for them where they will gain an understanding of how the discourse and practice of metadata is evolving and how today's innovations are changing for better metadata modeling, design, and implementation through a range of well-established and emerging best practices.

The sponsored next generation professions will be encouraged to look beyond the routines of day-to-day practice to the emerging world where metadata, as languages of description, are reshaping how information systems work and what they do and how humans communicate across time and space about the artifacts of human endeavor. The DC-2014 conference theme—Metadata Intersections: Bridging the Archipelago of Cultural Memory—promises engagement of the students and next generation professionals in discussions of both the fine distinctions of todays languages of description within the silos of domain practices and in the linguistic intersections that are beginning to knit together more cohesive access to the resources of cultural memory. Thus, organizational sponsors supporting attendance of next generation professions will play a significant role in helping them shape both institutions and future metadata practice.

DCMI logo Institutional Selection Process

  1. Individual professional programs of study as well as public- and private-sector organizations are invited to sponsor student and early career practitioner attendance at DC-2014 in Austin. The sponsors will have complete authority in determining the number of students or early career professionals to support, the nature of the support, and the criteria and process used to select the student(s) or early career professional(s).

  2. The institutions who choose to participate will email the DC-2014 Conference Committee Chair (Stuart Sutton at sasutton(at)dublincore(dot)net) with the following:
    1. Name of the sponsoring institution;

    2. An institutional logo (.png, .jpg or .gif) for use on the conference website;

    3. The preferred URL to the institution's homepage for linking; and

    4. When available, names and email addresses of students or early career professionals selected.

DCMI logo Special Session: Meet, Greet & Explore

A special session is being planned to both highlight the presence at the conference of the sponsored students and early-career practitioners as well as their sponsors and to provide the students and professionals with the opportunity to meet and interact with some of the key researchers, thought leaders and practitioner of metadata. The intention of the session is to get early-career professionals and students excited by the opportunities and challenges they will have in "metadata work" after they complete their programs and apprenticeships.

In addition to one-on-one interactions, a select panel of metadata practitioners, researchers and consultants from across the continuum of metadata practice—design, policy, implementation, and principled practice—will explore with session participants:

  1. Drivers. What are today's and tomorrow's drivers shaping the changes and challenges in metadata innovation and innovative practice?

  2. Enablers. Which enablers—whether technology or non-technology—are relevant to public- and private-sector innovation in metadata? How will these enablers shape practice and, equally important, how the practitioner advances his or her professional development in light of the enablers?

  3. Focus. Which focus areas of metadata innovation should drive the emergent practitioners' choices in terms of self-directed development in the short- and long-term? What opportunities, communities, emergent tools, resources and experiences will help shape those choices.

DCMI logo Benefits to Institutions & Programs

Participating institutions will have their logos prominently showcased on the Conference website. In addition, the institutions will be listed and thanked as a sponsor in the opening session of the conference and in the Special Session devoted to the students and early career professionals. Leading up to the Conference, messages identifying sponsors will posted to the DCMI social media channels.

DCMI logo Sponsoring Institutions & Programs

SponsorNext Generation Specialist

University of North Texas, College of Information University of North Texas, College of Information, Department of Library and Information Sciences «visit...»  

Indiana University, Bloomington, School of Informatics and Computing Indiana University, School of Informatics and Computing, Department of Information and Library Science «visit...»  

University of Houston Libraries University of Houston Libraries «visit...» Andrew Weidner
Santi Thompson

Indiana University, Bloomington, School of Informatics and Computing University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Graduate School of Library & Information Science «visit...»  

University of Kentucky School of Library and Information Science University of Kentucky School of Library and Information Science «visit...»  

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