DCMI Global Meetings & Conferences, DC-2017, Washington, D.C.

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Approaches to Application Profiles
Thomas Baker, Mariana Curado Malta, Eric Prud'hommeaux, Karen Coyle, Gregg Kellogg, Kirk Hess, Paul Walk

Last modified: 2017-10-28


The idea of "application profile" was introduced to the Dublin Core community in 2000 as a way to expand on the fifteen-element Dublin Core to meet more complex or specific application needs.  The creation of application profiles was initially seen as a way to build and document consensus within communities of practice around the content of their metadata.  Over time, Dublin Core itself was de-emphasized as the basis for profiles and they came to be seen, more generically, as a way to mix-and-match terms based on shared semantics, especially on vocabularies expressed in RDF, the lingua franca of the Linked Open Data ecosystem.

Recognizing that in the wild, application profiles meet a wide range of requirements, the proposed special session track will distinguish different types of application profile and identify, for each, appropriate technical solutions and maintenance processes.

  • Part 1: "New technologies for profiles" (90 min)

  • Part 2: "Data profiles, quality, and validation" (180 min)