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This year, DCMI starts its third decade of providing leadership and innovation to the domain of metadata. As has become our custom, the gathering will bring together devotees of metadata from around the world to explore potential futures for semantic metadata and our various roles in creating those futures.

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DCMI logo Annual Meeting

The DCMI Annual Meeting brings together many of the working groups of DCMI to advance their various goals and work agendas related to advancing innovation in metadata design, implementation and best practices. Descriptions of the groups can be found on the « DCMI Website ». The working groups include DCMI's governing Boards and their Standing Committees, the Communities representing sectoral and cross-disciplinary metadata functions and their various Task Groups advancing specific work. The DCMI community supports shared innovation in metadata design and best practices across a broad range of purposes and business models through an array of specific activities:

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Beyond the conference theme, special session in the form of tutorials, workshops, hackfests, unconference session and papers, reports, and poster submissions are welcome on a wide range of metadata topics, such as:

  • Principles, guidelines, and best practices
  • Metadata quality and validation (methods, tools, and practices)
  • Conceptual models and frameworks (e.g., RDF, DCAM, OAIS)
  • Application profiles
  • Creation implementation and use (methods, tools, and practices)
  • Interoperability and harmonization across domains, languages, time, structures, and scales
  • Cross-domain metadata uses (e.g., provenance, recordkeeping, preservation, curation, institutional repositories, publishing)
  • Domain metadata (e.g., for corporations, cultural memory institutions, education, government, and scientific fields)
  • Metadata standards for value and attribute spaces (e.g., RDA, VRA, EAD, FRBR, Schema.org, subject headings) as Semantic Web vocabularies
  • Accessibility metadata
  • Metadata for big and streaming data
  • Metadata for scientific data, e-Science and grid applications
  • Social tagging, crowdsourcing, and user participation in building metadata
  • Usage data (paradata/attention metadata)
  • Knowledge Organization Systems (e.g., ontologies, taxonomies, authority files, folksonomies, and thesauri)
  • Ontology design and development
  • Search engines and metadata
  • Linked Data and the Semantic Web
  • Vocabulary registries and registry services

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DCMI logo DCMI's annual meeting and conference addresses models, technologies and applications of metadata

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