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Registrations for both DC-2013 and iPRES-2013 are processed by our host's partner « ABREU ». For any issues related to payments, invoicing and accommodations, please use the contact information provided in the registration form.

Important Registration Deadlines:
  • E X T E N D E D: 15 July 2013: Early online registration closes
  • 16 July–1 September 2013: Regular online registration
  • 2 September–6 September 2013: In person (in situ) registration

Steps in Registration

STEP 1: Personal Data & Selection of Conference

» Select which conference —either DC-2013 or iPRES-2013— motivates your attendance. Please be aware that your conference selection will be relevant only to internal conference planning. During the conference, you are free to attend any session in the combined programs of the two conferences.

» Select any Tutorials and Workshops organized by either iPRES or DCMI. You are free to register for any pre- or post-conference option you want!

» Set a password for your use later should you want to add more items to your registration (NOTE: if you want to remove items, you must contact ABREU directly).

» As part of student registration, please be aware that you also must upload an image or PDF of a document proving your student status.

STEP 2: Optional Selection of a Hotel

» The venue for DC-2013/iPRES-2013 is located in central Lisbon at a convenient distance from many hotels and very well served by public transportation. You are welcome to handle your hotel reservations on your own. However, ABREU can help you during this step in the registration process with arrangements at good hotels at convenient prices!

» Important: If you use this hotel reservation form, do not forget to click on its internal "submit" button to save your hotel selection before moving to the next step!

» If you wish to handle your own hotel reservations, just move on to Step 3.

Hotel Holiday Inn Lisboa 80,00€ 90,00€
Hotel Alif Campo Pequeno 65,50€ 71,50€
Hotel Turim Alameda 64,00€ 69,00€
Hotel Zurique 61,50€ 68,50€
Hotel Berna 60,00€ 67,00€
Hotel AS Lisboa 50,00€ 61,00€
STEP 3: Payment

» Payment is possible by bank transfer or credit card (see below for registration fees).

» Important: The registration will be considered complete only after the payment is received.

» Important: Full reimbursements will be possible only if requested before 19 August. All reimbursements will deduct €15 for processing costs.

Combined DC-2013 & iPRES-2013 registration

Conference Fees (Tuesday through mid-day Thursday)

DC-2013 and iPRES-2013 will share a common registration. The two conferences are collocated in Lisbon and will run simultaneously. Delegates to both conferences will be able to attend the sessions of their choice with keynotes, coffee/tea breaks, lunches and the banquet held as common sessions.

DC-2013 & iPRES-2013
Registration Early
Full conference (Tuesday through noon Thursday) €350  €250  €375  Conference package + 5 coffee-break + 2 lunch + 1 reception + 1 banquet
Day 1 (Tuesday) €170  €130  €180  Conference package + 2 coffee-break + 1 lunch + 1 reception
Day 2 (Wednesday) €170  €130  €180  Conference package + 2 coffee-break + 1 lunch + 1 banquet
Day 3 (Thursday until noon) €50  €50  €60  Conference package + 1 coffee-break
Extra Reception/Banquet Tickets €50  €50  €60  1 reception + 1 banquet

Tutorials (Monday)

Minimum participants required: 7
Duration Registration Services
Half-day (up to 4h duration) €35 (Early)
€40 (Late)
1 coffee-break
Full-day (up to 7h duration) €75 (Early)
€80 (Late)
2 coffee-break + 1 lunch

Workshops (Friday)

Minimum participants required: 7
Duration Registration Services
Half-day (up to 4h duration) €35 (Early)
€40 (Late)
1 coffee-break
Full-day (up to 7h duration) €75 (Early)
€80 (Late)
2 coffee-break + 1 lunch
1,5 days (up to 4h + 7h duration) €100 (Early)
€110 (Late)
3 coffee-break + 1 lunch

Doctoral Consortium

Registration: Free for students and advisers invited to participate in the symposium.

Combined DC-2013 & iPRES-2013 registration

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