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Darling, we need to talk PDF (Presentation)
Gildas Illien


Introduction to Linked Open Data (LOD) PDF (Description) PDF (Presentation)
Ivan Herman
Introduction to Ontology Concepts and Terminology PDF (Description) PDF (Presentation)
Steven J. Miller
Metadata Provenance PDF (Description) PDF (Presentation)
Kai Eckert
The W3C Provenance Ontology PDF (Description) PDF (Presentation)
Daniel Garijo

Special Session

Application Profiles as an alternative to OWL ontologies? PDF (Description) Introduction Tom Baker Karen Coyle Gordon Dunsire Antoine Isaac
Thomas Baker, Karen Coyle
Long-term Preservation and Governance of RDF Vocabularies PDF (Description) Introduction Tom Baker Michael Düro Ivan Herman David Rosenthal Bernard Vatant Richard Wallis
Thomas Baker, Bernard Vatant, Pierre-Yves Vandenbussche
Data enrichment and transformation in the LOD context: Poor and popular vs. rich and lonely - can't we achieve both? PDF (Description) Gildas Illien Ricardo M?noz Daniel Vila-Suero
Gildas Illien
Why PDF (Description) Extending Lightening Talk Europeana
Richard Wallis
Vocabulary Day at DC-2013 PDF (Description) Bernard Vatant Daniel Vila Suero Elena Montiel-Pondosa Richard Wallis Gill Hamilton
Diane Ileana Hillmann
CAMP (Cyber-infrastructure and Metadata Protocols)-4-DATA PDF (Description) Introduction - Greenberg Rebecca Koskela Alex Ball Keith Jeffrey et al Andrea Perego et al Weigel & DiLauro John Kunze et al Tobias Weigel & Timothy Dilauro Joan Qin et al Jane Greenberg et al Discussion Topics Overview
Jane Greenberg

Full Papers

Provenance and Annotations for Linked Data PDF (Paper) PDF (Presentation)
Kai Eckert
How Portable Are the Metadata Standards for Scientific Data? A Proposal for a Metadata Infrastructure PDF (Paper) PDF (Presentation)
Jian Qin, Kai Li
Lessons Learned in Implementing the Extended Date/Time Format in a Large Digital Library PDF (Paper) PDF (Presentation)
Hannah Tarver, Mark Phillips
Towards the Representation of Chinese Traditional Music: A State of the Art Review of Music Metadata Standards PDF (Paper) PDF (Presentation)
Mi Tian, György Fazekas, Dawn Black, Mark Sandler
Maps and Gaps: Strategies for Vocabulary Design and Development PDF (Paper) PDF (Presentation)
Diane Ileana Hillmann, Gordon Dunsire, Jon Phipps
A Method for the Development of Dublin Core Application Profiles (Me4DCAP V0.1): Aescription PDF (Paper) PDF (Presentation)
Mariana Curado Malta, Ana Alice Baptista
Find and Combine Vocabularies to Design Metadata Application Profiles using Schema Registries and LOD Resources PDF (Paper) PDF (Presentation)
Tsunagu Honma, Mitsuharu Nagamori, Shigeo Sugimoto
Achieving Interoperability between the CARARE Schema for Monuments and Sites and the Europeana Data Model PDF (Paper) PDF (Presentation)
Antoine Isaac, Valentine Charles, Kate Fernie, Costis Dallas, Dimitris Gavrilis, Stavros Angelis
With a Focused Intent: Evolution of DCMI as a Research Community PDF (Paper) PDF (Presentation)
Jihee Beak, Richard P. Smiraglia
Metadata Capital in a Data Repository PDF (Paper) PDF (Presentation)
Jane Greenberg, Shea Swauger, Elena Feinstein
DC Metadata is Alive and Well - A New Standard for Education PDF (Paper) PDF (Presentation)
Liddy Nevile
Representation of the UNIMARC Bibliographic Data Format in Resource Description Framework PDF (Paper) PDF (Presentation)
Gordon Dunsire, Mirna Willer, Predrag Peroži?

Project Reports

Implementation of a Linked Open Data Solution for the Statistics Agency of Cantabria's Metadata and Data Bank PDF (Project Report) PDF (Presentation)
Alejandro Villar Fernández, Ana Santurtún Zarrabeitia
Linked Data Driven Dynamic Web Services for Providing Multilingual Access to Diverse Japanese Humanities Databases PDF (Project Report) PDF (Presentation)
Biligsaikhan Batjargal, Takeo Kuyama, Fuminori Kimura, Akira Maeda
Integration of Research Data and Research Data Links into Library Catalogues PDF (Project Report) PDF (Presentation)
Dominique Ritze, Katarina Boland
Collaborate, Automate, Prepare, Prioritize: Creating Metadata for Legacy Research Data PDF (Project Report) PDF (Presentation)
Inna Kouper, Stacy R Konkiel, Jennifer A Liss, Juliet L Hardesty
Designing an Application Profile Using Qualified Dublin Core: A Case Study with Fracture Mechanics Datasets PDF (Project Report) PDF (Presentation)
João Aguiar Castro, Cristina Ribeiro, João Rocha da Silva
Using Dublin Core Standard for the Metadata Description of Transport Statistics – Practical Experience from a Project Dedicated to the Set-Up of an Interlinked Statistics Portal PDF (Project Report) PDF (Presentation)
Rene Kelpin, Antje von Schmidt, Michael Hepting, Petra Kokus, Alexandra Leipold, Thorsten Schäfer
IN2N: Cross-institutional Authority Collaboration PDF (Project Report) PDF (Presentation)
Alexander Haffner
Use of Authorities Open Data in the ARROW Rights Infrastructure PDF (Project Report) PDF (Presentation)
Nuno Freire, Markus Muhr
Realising a Federation of Repositories of Reusable Metadata PDF (Project Report) PDF (Presentation)
Nikolaos Loutas, Stijn Goedertier, João Rodrigues Frade, Christophe Colas, Michiel De Keyzer, Debora Di Giacomo, Makx Dekkers, Vassilios Peristeras
Reusing Textual Resources in Educational Assessment: Adding Text Readability Metrics to Learning Metadata PDF (Project Report) PDF (Presentation)
Muriel Foulonneau, Eric Ras, Elie Abou Zeid, Talar Atéchian
Approaches to Building Metadata for Data Curation PDF (Project Report) PDF (Presentation)
Hsueh-hua Chen, Yu Lin, Cynthia Chen


Planning a Platform for Learning Linked Data PDF (Extended Abstract) PDF (Poster)
Michael D. Crandall, Joseph Tennis, Stuart Sutton, Thomas Baker, David Talley
The Research of Open Conference Resources Organization based on RDA Description PDF (Extended Abstract)
Miaoling Chai, Jiang Zhu
ZBW Labs: Publish Projects as Linked Data PDF (Extended Abstract) PDF (Poster)
Joachim Neubert
OpenAIRE Guidelines for Data Archive, Literature Repository and CRIS Managers PDF (Extended Abstract)
Pedro Príncipe, Eloy Rodrigues, Najla Rettberg, Jochen Schirrwagen, Mathias Loesch, Mikael Karstensen Elbæk, Lars Holm Nielsen
Digital Humanities and Metadata: Linking the Past to the Digital Future PDF (Extended Abstract)
Marina Morgan, M J Suhonos, Fangmin Wang
Using Metadata Standards to Improve IMF and National Data PDF (Extended Abstract) PDF (Poster)
Nalini Umashankar


Preceedings of the 2013 CAMP-4-DATA Workshop PDF (Introduction) PDF (Presentation)
Jane Greenberg, Alex Ball, Keith Jeffrey, Jian Qin, Rebecca Koskela
Metadata Zoo PDF (Paper) PDF (Presentation)
Rebecca Koskela
The DCC Disciplinary Metadata Catalogue PDF (Paper) PDF (Presentation)
Alex Ball
A 3-Layer Model for Metadata PDF (Paper) PDF (Presentation)
Keith Jeffery, Anne Asserson, Nikos Houssos, Brigitte Jörg
Cross-Domain Metadata Interoperability: Lessons Learnt in INSPIRE PDF (Paper) PDF (Presentation)
Andrea Perego, Michael Lutz, Massimo Craglia, Silvia Dalla Costa
Usage Data for Metadata Properties to Support Open Data Registries and Semantic Wikis PDF (Paper) PDF (Presentation)
Muriel Foulonneau, Sébastien Martin, Jacques Ducloy, Thierry Daunois, Slim Turki
Provenance Cantral: More Mikeage from Provenance Metadata PDF (Paper)
Bertram Ludäscher, Paolo Missier
Persistent Identifiers for Metadata Terms in a Crowd-Sourced Vocabulary PDF (Paper) PDF (Presentation)
John Kunze, Greg Janee, Christopher Patton
Separation of Concerns: PID Information Types and Domain Metadata PDF (Paper) PDF (Presentation)
Tobias Weigel, Timothy DiLauro
Ontology-Enabled Metadata Schema Generator: The Design Approach PDF (Paper) PDF (Presentation)
Jian Qin, Xiaozhong Liu, Miao Chen
Metadictionary: Advocating for a Community-driven Metadata Vocabulary Application PDF (Paper) PDF (Presentation)
Jane Greenberg, Angela Murillo, John Kunze, Sarah Callaghan, Rob Guralnick, Nassib Nassar, Karthik Ram, Greg Janee, Christopher Patton
Useful Data: Metadata for Context and Reuse in a Multidisciplinary, Multipurpose Repository PDF (Abstract) PDF (Presentation)
Grace Agnew, Mary Beth Webber
OpenAIREplus: Supporting Interoperability through Guidelines PDF (Abstract)
Najla Rettberg, Pedro Principe, Eloy Rodrigues

DCMI Community & Task Group Work Sessions

Marcia Lei Zeng, Maja Zumer, Joseph Busch
Libraries Community PDF (Description) Andrea Wuchner Stefanie Rühle Joachim Neubert
Stefanie Ruehle, Sarah Hartmann
Vocabulary Management Community Session Description (PDF) Agenda Presentation (PDF) Joseph Busch - Tools (PDF) Meeting Report (PDF)
Diane Ileana Hillmann
Bibliographic Metadata Task Group PDF
Gordon Dunsire, Diane Ileana Hillmann
Cultural Heritage Metadata Task Group PDF (Description) Stefanie Rühle/Francesca Schulz
Stefanie Ruehle

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