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Project Reports

Integration of Research Data and Research Data Links into Library Catalogues PDF (Project Report) PDF (Presentation)
Dominique Ritze, Katarina Boland
Designing an Application Profile Using Qualified Dublin Core: A Case Study with Fracture Mechanics Datasets PDF (Project Report) PDF (Presentation)
João Aguiar Castro, Cristina Ribeiro, João Rocha da Silva
Realising a Federation of Repositories of Reusable Metadata PDF (Project Report) PDF (Presentation)
Nikolaos Loutas, Stijn Goedertier, João Rodrigues Frade, Christophe Colas, Michiel De Keyzer, Debora Di Giacomo, Makx Dekkers, Vassilios Peristeras
Reusing Textual Resources in Educational Assessment: Adding Text Readability Metrics to Learning Metadata PDF (Project Report) PDF (Presentation)
Muriel Foulonneau, Eric Ras, Elie Abou Zeid, Talar Atéchian


OpenAIRE Guidelines for Data Archive, Literature Repository and CRIS Managers PDF (Extended Abstract)
Pedro Príncipe, Eloy Rodrigues, Najla Rettberg, Jochen Schirrwagen, Mathias Loesch, Mikael Karstensen Elbæk, Lars Holm Nielsen


Metadictionary: Advocating for a Community-driven Metadata Vocabulary Application PDF (Paper) PDF (Presentation)
Jane Greenberg, Angela Murillo, John Kunze, Sarah Callaghan, Rob Guralnick, Nassib Nassar, Karthik Ram, Greg Janee, Christopher Patton
OpenAIREplus: Supporting Interoperability through Guidelines PDF (Abstract)
Najla Rettberg, Pedro Principe, Eloy Rodrigues

DCMI Community & Task Group Work Sessions

Libraries Community PDF (Description) Andrea Wuchner Stefanie Rühle Joachim Neubert
Stefanie Ruehle, Sarah Hartmann
Cultural Heritage Metadata Task Group PDF (Description) Stefanie Rühle/Francesca Schulz
Stefanie Ruehle

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