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DCMI @ 20: Past, Present, Future Keynote Presentation (PDF)
Eric Miller

Special Session & Panels

RDF Application Profiles and Tools for Metadata Validation and Quality Control Matienzo Intro (PDF) Wood (PDF) Miller (PDF) Johnson (PDF) Ford (PDF)
Mark A. Matienzo, Kevin Ford, Tom Johnson, Eric Miller, David Wood, SchemaBibExtend - Structured Data on the Web Wallis (PDF) Dan Scott (PDF) Nevile (HTML)
Richard Wallis, Charles McCathie Nevile, Dan Scott
BIBFRAME -- Expressing and Connecting Bibliographic Data Green & Thompson (PDF) Shieh (PDF) Schreur (PDF) Ford (PDF)
Kevin Ford, Timothy A. Thompson, Peter Green, Jackie Shieh, Philip Schreur


Training the Trainers for Linked Data Presentations (PDF)
Seth van Hooland, Ruben Verborgh
Fonds & Bonds: Archival Metadata, Tools, and Identity Management Childress - Workshop Intro (PDF) McCarth & Pitti - ICA EGAD (PDF) Rush - EAD Revision (EAD3) (PDF) Charles & Arnold - Fondly (PDF) Westbrook - ArchivesSpace (PDF) Thompson - RAMP (PDF) Gruber - xEAC (PDF) McCarthy - Find & Connect (PDF) Angjeli - ISNI (PDF) Pitti - SNAC (PDF) Tarver - Closing Remarks (PDF)
Eric Childress, Gavan McCarthy, Daniel Pitti, Michael Rush, Valentine Charles, Kerstin Arnold, Bradley Westbrook, Tim A. Thompson, Mairelys Lemus-Rojas, Ethan Gruber, Anila Angjeli, Hannah Tarver


Overview: Positioning DCMI & Dublin Core in the Metadata Ecosystem Overview (PDF) Application Profiles (PDF)
Stuart A. Sutton, Thomas Baker
RDF Validation in the Cultural Heritage Community Eckert - Intro (PDF) Rühle - Intro (PDF) Coyle (PDF) Bosch (PDF) Rühle (PDF) Johnson (PDF) Baker (PDF)
Karen Coyle, Kai Eckert, Stefanie Rühle, Karen Coyle, Thomas Baker, Thomas Bosch, Tom Johnson

Full Paper (Peer Reviewed)

The ARK Identifier Scheme: Lessons Learnt at the BnF and Questions Yet Unanswered Paper (PDF) Presentation (PDF)
Sébastien Peyrard, John A. Kunze, Jean-Philippe Tramoni
Linked Data Mapping Cultures: An Evaluation of Metadata Usage and Distribution in a Linked Data Environment Paper (PDF) Presentation (PDF)
Konstantin Baierer, Evelyn Dröge, Vivien Petras, Violeta Trkulja
The Digital Public Library of America Ingestion Ecosystem: Lessons Learned After One Year of Large-Scale Collaborative Metadata Aggregation Paper (PDF) Presentation (PDF)
Mark A. Matienzo, Amy Rudersdorf
How Descriptive Metadata Changes in the UNT Libraries' Collections: A Case Study Paper (PDF) Presentation (PDF)
Hannah Tarver, Oksana Zavalina, Mark Phillips, Daniel Alemneh, Shadi Shakeri
Metadata Integration for an Archaeology Collection Architecture Paper (PDF) Presentation (PDF)
Sivakumar Kulasekaran, Jessica Trelogan, Maria Esteva, Michael Johnson
Requirements on RDF Constraint Formulation and Validation Paper (PDF) Presentation (PDF)
Thomas Bosch, Kai Eckert
Extracting Description Set Profiles from RDF Datasets using Metadata Instances and SPARQL Queries Paper (PDF) Presentation (PDF)
Tsunagu Honma, Kei Tanaka, Mitsuharu Nagamori, Shigeo Sugimoto
Dublin Core Metadata for Research Data - Lessons Learned in a Real-World Scenario with datorium Paper (PDF) Presentation (PDF)
Andias Wira Alam
The 1:1 Principle in the Age of Linked Data Paper (PDF) Presentation (PDF)
Richard J. Urban
Towards Description Set Profiles for RDF using SPARQL as Intermediate Language Paper (PDF) Presentation (PDF)
Thomas Bosch, Kai Eckert
Provenance Description of Metadata using PROV with PREMIS for Long-term Use of Metadata Paper (PDF) Presentation (PDF)
Chunqiu Li, Shigeo Sugimoto
Interlinking Cross Language Metadata Using Heterogeneous Graphs and Wikipedia Paper (PDF) Presentation (PDF)
Xiaozhong Liu, Miao Chen, Jian Qin

Project Reports (Peer Reviewed)

Applying a linked data compliant model: The usage of the Europeana Data Model by the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek Report (PDF) Presentaiton (PDF)
Stefanie Rühle, Francesca Schulze, Michael Büchner
Designing a Multi-level Metadata Standard based on Dublin Core for Museum data Report (PDF) Presentation (PDF)
Jing Wan, Yubin Zhou, Gang Chen, Junkai Yi
Metadata for Research Data: Current Practices and Trends Report (PDF) Presentation (PDF)
Sharon Farnel, Ali Shiri
“Lo-Fi to Hi-Fi”: A New Metadata Approach in the Third World with the eGranary Digital Library Report (PDF) Presentation (PDF)
Deborah Maron, Cliff Missen, Jane Greenberg
Describing Theses and Dissertations Using Report (PDF) Presentaiton (PDF)
Jeff Keith Mixter, Patrick OBrien, Kenning Arlitsch
Automated Enhancement of Controlled Vocabularies: Upgrading Legacy Metadata in CONTENTdm Report (PDF) Presentation (PDF) Recording (AVI)
Andrew Weidner, Annie Wu, Santi Thompson

Posters (Peer Reviewed)

Dublin Core to Ensure Interoperability between Models Generated by Tools of Species Distribution Modeling Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Cleverton Ferreira Borba, Pedro Luiz P. Correa
Embedded Metadata – A Tool for Digital Excavation Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Ana Cox
Retaining Metadata in Remixed Cultural Heritage Objects Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Jamie Viva Wittenberg
Building Bridges to the Future of a Distributed Network: From DiRT Categories to TaDiRAH, a Methods Taxonomy for Digital Humanities Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Jody Perkins, Quinn Dombrowski, Luise Borek, Christof Schöch
A Cooperative Project by Libraries and Museums of China: Metadata Standards for the Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Ying Feng, Long Xiao
Undressing Fashion Metadata: Ryerson University Fashion Research Collection Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Naomi Eichenlaub, Marina Morgan, Ingrid Masak-Mida
Metadata Workflows Across Research Domains: Challenges and Opportunities for Supporting the DFC Cyberinfrastructure Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Adrian T. Ogletree

Best Practice Posters

MARC to Providing Better Access to UIUC Library Holdings Data Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Timothy Cole, Michael Norman, Patricia Lampron, William Weathers, Ayla Stein, M. Janina Sarol, Myung-Ja Han
Development of the EDDA Study Design Terminology to Enhance Retrieval of Clinical and Bibliographic Records in Dispersed Repositories Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Ashleigh N. Faith, Eugene Tseytlin, Tanja Bekhuis
The TR32DB Metadata Schema: A Multi-level Metadata Schema for an Interdisciplinary Project Database Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Constanze Curdt, Dirk Hoffmeister
Applying Concepts of Linked Data to Local Digital Collections to Enhance Access and Searchability Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Virginia A Dressler
Normalizing Decentralized Metadata Practices Using Business Process Improvement Methodology: A Data-informed Approach to Identifying Institutional Core Metadata Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Emily Porter
The NDL Great East Japan Earthquake Archive: Features of Metadata Schema Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Julie Fukuyama, Akiko Hashizume
Reusing Legacy Metadata for Digital Projects: The Colorado Coal Project Collection Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Michael Dulock
Converting Personal Comic Book Collection Records to Linked Data Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Sean Petiya
A Library Catalog REST API Framework Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Jason Thomale, William Hicks
Making Vendor-Generated Metadata Work for Archival Collections Using VRA and Python Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Carolyn Hansen, Sean Crowe
Building the Bridge: Collaboration between Technical Services and Special Collections Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Susan Matveyeva, Lizzy Anne Walker
Best Practices for Complex Diacritics Handling in CONTENTdm Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Jason W. Dean, Deborah E. Kulczak
Wikipedia-based Extraction of Lightweight Ontologies for Concept Level Annotation Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Michael Lauruhn, Elshaimaa Ali
How To Build A Local Thesaurus Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Robert H. Estep
Approaches to Teaching Metadata Course at the University of North Texas Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Serhiy Polyakov, Oksana L Zavalina
Designing an Archaeology Database: Mapping Field Notes to Archival Metadata Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Ann Ellis
Utilizing Drupal for the Implementation of a Dublin Core-Based Data Catalog Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Lisa Federer
PunkCore: Developing an Application Profile for the Culture of Punk Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Joelen Pastva, Valerie Harris

Best Practice Demonstration

A Model and Roles of a Common Terminology to Improve Metadata Interoperability Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
(Boaz) Sunyoung Jin
Ecco!: A Linked Open Data Service for Collaborative Named Entity Resolution Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Matthew Miller, M. Cristina Pattuelli

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