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Overview: Positioning DCMI & Dublin Core in the Metadata Ecosystem Overview (PDF) Application Profiles (PDF)
Stuart A. Sutton, Thomas Baker
RDF Validation in the Cultural Heritage Community Eckert - Intro (PDF) Rühle - Intro (PDF) Coyle (PDF) Bosch (PDF) Rühle (PDF) Johnson (PDF) Baker (PDF)
Karen Coyle, Kai Eckert, Stefanie Rühle, Karen Coyle, Thomas Baker, Thomas Bosch, Tom Johnson

Full Paper (Peer Reviewed)

Linked Data Mapping Cultures: An Evaluation of Metadata Usage and Distribution in a Linked Data Environment Paper (PDF) Presentation (PDF)
Konstantin Baierer, Evelyn Dröge, Vivien Petras, Violeta Trkulja
Requirements on RDF Constraint Formulation and Validation Paper (PDF) Presentation (PDF)
Thomas Bosch, Kai Eckert
Towards Description Set Profiles for RDF using SPARQL as Intermediate Language Paper (PDF) Presentation (PDF)
Thomas Bosch, Kai Eckert

Project Reports (Peer Reviewed)

Applying a linked data compliant model: The usage of the Europeana Data Model by the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek Report (PDF) Presentaiton (PDF)
Stefanie Rühle, Francesca Schulze, Michael Büchner

Posters (Peer Reviewed)

Dublin Core to Ensure Interoperability between Models Generated by Tools of Species Distribution Modeling Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Cleverton Ferreira Borba, Pedro Luiz P. Correa
Building Bridges to the Future of a Distributed Network: From DiRT Categories to TaDiRAH, a Methods Taxonomy for Digital Humanities Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Jody Perkins, Quinn Dombrowski, Luise Borek, Christof Schöch

Best Practice Posters

Development of the EDDA Study Design Terminology to Enhance Retrieval of Clinical and Bibliographic Records in Dispersed Repositories Abstract (PDF) Image (PDF)
Ashleigh N. Faith, Eugene Tseytlin, Tanja Bekhuis

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