DC-2012 Keynote Speakers

Dan Brickley  

Dan Brickley is best known for his work on Web standards in the W3C community, where he helped create the Semantic Web project and many of its defining technologies. Dan is currently working with Google on outreach activities related to the Schema.org initiative. Previous work included six years on the W3C technical staff, establishing ILRT's Semantic Web group at the University of Bristol, and more recently at Joost, an Internet TV start-up, and at the Vrije University Amsterdam. He has been involved with resource discovery metadata since 1994 when he published the first HTML Philosophy guide on the Web, and has been exploring distributed, collaborative approaches to "finding stuff" ever since.

Keynote Title: What is left to do?

Keynote Abstract: The original 1995 Dublin Core vision of simple, publisher-provided metadata records for Web pages has finally entered the mainstream. From its earliest days, the Dublin Core community was positioned somewhere between the world of search, and the world of the library. The RDF-based approaches long championed by DCMI have recently enjoyed high profile adoption amongst both search engines and libraries. Where does this leave the Dublin Core as a community? Do we settle down into a quiet life of long-term metadata vocabulary maintenance, or are there larger challenges that emerge from this landscape of newly linked, networked information? Dan Brickley will revisit the history of the Dublin Core, outline the state of the art for bibliographic and Web metadata, and outline possible new roles, information-linking problems and practical opportunities for the Dublin Core as a project and as a growing community.

Karen Coyle  

Karen Coyle is a librarian with over thirty years of experience with library technology. She now consults in a variety of areas relating to digital libraries. Karen has published dozens of articles and reports, most available on her web site, kcoyle.net. She has served on standards committees including the MARC standards group (MARBI), the OpenURL standard, and was an ALA representative to the e-book standards development that led to ePub. She follows, writes, and speaks on a wide range policy areas, including intellectual property, privacy, and public access to information. As a consultant she works primarily on metadata development and technology planning. She is currently investigating the possibilities offered by the Semantic Web and Linked Data technology.

Keynote Title: Thinking Different

Keynote Abstract: Much of the activity today in the creation of Resource Description Framework (RDF) ontologies and the building of actual linked data is based on sets of data that were created for technologies that pre-date the Semantic Web. Although it is possible to transform, for example, the data in a relational database to RDF, we must assume that such data may not represent "linked data thinking". Karen Coyle will talk about "thinking differently" about data with examples from libraries and other communities with substantial reservoirs of legacy data.

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