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DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal A 3-Layer Model for Metadata Abstract
Keith Jeffery, Anne Asserson, Nikos Houssos, Brigitte Jörg
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark A Component Service for Developing Metadata Application Profiles Abstract
Wei Fan, Feng Yang
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. A Cooperative Project by Libraries and Museums of China: Metadata Standards for the Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage Abstract
Ying Feng, Long Xiao
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. A Data Model for Lifecycle Management of Natural Hazards Engineering Data Abstract
Maria Esteva, Ashley Adair, Sivakumar Ayeegoundanpalay Kulasekaran, Josue Balandrano Coronel, Craig Jansen
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil A DCAP for the Social and Solidarity Economy Abstract
Mariana Curado Malta, Ana Alice Baptista, Cristina Parente
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil A DCAP to Promote Easy-to-Use Data for Multiresolution and Multitemporal Satellite Imagery Analysis Abstract
Isabelle Mougenot, Jean-Christophe Desconnets, Hatim Chahdi
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil A DDC Visual Interface for Metadata Exploration Abstract
Xia Lin, Michael Khoo, Jae-wook Ahn, Ceri Binding, Douglas Tudhope, Hilary Jones, Diana Massam
DC-2012, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia A Domain Model for Describing and Accessing KOS Resources: Report of Processes in Developing a KOS Description Metadata Application Profile Abstract
Maja Žumer, Marcia Lei Zeng, Marjorie MK Hlava
DC-2011, The Hague A Language Independent Approach for Aligning Subject Heading Systems with Geographic Ontologies Abstract
Nuno Freire, José Borbinha, Pável Calado
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. A Library Catalog REST API Framework Abstract
Jason Thomale, William Hicks
DC-2012, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia A Machine-Processable Dublin Core Application Profile to Analysis Patterns to provide Linked Data Abstract
Lucas Francisco da Matta Vegi, Jugurta Lisboa-Filho, Joep Crompvoets
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal A Method for the Development of Dublin Core Application Profiles (Me4DCAP V0.1): Aescription Abstract
Mariana Curado Malta, Ana Alice Baptista
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. A Model and Roles of a Common Terminology to Improve Metadata Interoperability Abstract
(Boaz) Sunyoung Jin
DC-2012, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia A Model to Support Interpretation of Embedded Metadata without Formal Schema by Linking a Metadata Instance to DCMI Description Set Profiles Abstract
Tsunagu Honma, Mitsuharu Nagamori, Shigeo Sugimoto
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark A Pilot Study on Linked Open Data in Cultural Heritage: A Use Case of the Taiwan Digital Archives Union Catalogue Abstract
(Sophy) Shu-Jiun Chen, Chunya Wen
DC-2011, The Hague A Reconsideration of Mapping in a Semantic World Abstract
Gordon Dunsire, Diane Ileana Hillmann, Jon Phipps, Karen Coyle
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal A study of multilingual semantic data integration Abstract
Douglas Tudhope, Ceri Binding
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark A Study on the Best Practice for Constructing a Cross-lingual Ontology Abstract
Yi-Yun Cheng, Hsueh-Hua Chen
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark A Survey of Metadata Use for Publishing Open Government Data in China Abstract
Li Yuan, Wei Fan
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal A Web-Centric Pipeline for Archiving Scholarly Artifacts Abstract
Martin Klein
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Achieving Interoperability between the CARARE Schema for Monuments and Sites and the Europeana Data Model Abstract
Antoine Isaac, Valentine Charles, Kate Fernie, Costis Dallas, Dimitris Gavrilis, Stavros Angelis
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Adopting the Dublin Core Standard for Describing Open Scientific Data: The e-Quilt Prototype Experiment Abstract
Adriana Carla Silva de Oliveira, Guilherme Ataíde Dias, Renata Lemos dos Anjos, Virgínia Miranda de Souza, Pedro Luiz P. Corrêa
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Advancing Materials Science Semantic Metadata via HIVE Abstract
Yue Zhang, Jane Greenberg, Adrian Ogletree, Garritt Tucker
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark Aggregating Metadata from Heterogeneous Pop Culture Resources on the Web Abstract
Senan Kiryakos, Shigeo Sugimoto, Mitsuharu Nagamori, Tetsuya Mihara
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal An Approach to Enabling RDF Data in Querying to Invoke REST API for Complex Calculating Abstract
Zhang Xiangming
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil An Exploratory Analysis of Subject Metadata in the Digital Public Library of America Abstract
Hannah Tarver, Mark Phillips, Oksana Zavalina, Priya Kizhakkethil
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark An Exploratory Study of the Description Field in the Digital Public Library of America Abstract
Hannah Tarver, Oksana Zavalina, Mark Phillips
DC-2011, The Hague An Introduction to Dublin Core Abstract
Stephanie Taylor
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal Analysis of user-supplied metadata in a health sciences institutional repository Abstract
Joelen Pastva
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Application Profiles and Why the “How” is Important Abstract
Ana Alice Baptista
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Application Profiles as an alternative to OWL ontologies? Abstract
Thomas Baker, Karen Coyle
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Applying a linked data compliant model: The usage of the Europeana Data Model by the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek Abstract
Stefanie Rühle, Francesca Schulze, Michael Büchner
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Applying Concepts of Linked Data to Local Digital Collections to Enhance Access and Searchability Abstract
Virginia A Dressler
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark Applying Taxonomies in Publishing Abstract
Marjorie MK Hlava, Jay Ven Eman, Monica M. Bradford, Charlotte McNaughton
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. Applying the Levels of Conceptual Interoperability Model to a Digital Library Ecosystem--A Case Study Abstract
Charlotte Suzanne Kostelic
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. Approaches to Application Profiles Abstract
Thomas Baker, Mariana Curado Malta, Eric Prud'hommeaux, Karen Coyle, Gregg Kellogg, Kirk Hess, Paul Walk
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Approaches to Building Metadata for Data Curation Abstract
Hsueh-hua Chen, Yu Lin, Cynthia Chen
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Approaches to Teaching Metadata Course at the University of North Texas Abstract
Serhiy Polyakov, Oksana L Zavalina
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Arquitetura Semântica de Recuperação da Informação Abstract
Caio Saraiva Coneglian, Elvis Fusco, José Eduardo Santarem Segundo
DC-2012, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia Authenticity Metadata and the IPAM: Progress toward the InterPARES Application Profile Abstract
Joseph T. Tennis, Corinne Rogers
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal Author Identifier Analysis: Name Authority Control in Two Institutional Repositories Abstract
Marina Morgan, Naomi Eichenlaub
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Automated Enhancement of Controlled Vocabularies: Upgrading Legacy Metadata in CONTENTdm Abstract
Andrew Weidner, Annie Wu, Santi Thompson
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark Automatic creation of mappings between classification systems for bibliographic data Abstract
Magnus Pfeffer
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil BEAM Repository: A Proposal for Family and Personal Repository Abstract
Rachel Cristina Vesu Alves, Ana Carolina Simionato, Felipe Augusto Arakaki, Paula Regina Ventura Amorim Gonçalez, Ana Paula Grisoto, Plácida Leopoldina Ventura Amorim da Costa Santos
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Best Practices for Complex Diacritics Handling in CONTENTdm Abstract
Jason W. Dean, Deborah E. Kulczak
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. Best Practices for Software Metadata: A Report from the Software Preservation Network Abstract
Elizabeth Russey Roke, Daniel Noonan
DC-2011, The Hague Better, Faster, Stronger: Building a Better Dublin Core Generator Abstract
Nick Steffel
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. BIBFRAME -- Expressing and Connecting Bibliographic Data Abstract
Kevin Ford, Timothy A. Thompson, Peter Green, Jackie Shieh, Philip Schreur
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Bibliographic Metadata Task Group Abstract
Gordon Dunsire, Diane Ileana Hillmann
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Bringing a Small Archival Collection to Life on the Web: Remembering the Real Winnie Abstract
Sally Wilson, Marina Morgan
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark Buidling Curriculum for Linked Data Education Abstract
Michael D. Crandall, Marcia Lei Zeng, Thomas Baker, David Talley
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal Building a Framework to Encourage the use of Metadata in Modern Web-Design Abstract
Jackson Morgan
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Building Bridges to the Future of a Distributed Network: From DiRT Categories to TaDiRAH, a Methods Taxonomy for Digital Humanities Abstract
Jody Perkins, Quinn Dombrowski, Luise Borek, Christof Schöch
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Building the Bridge: Collaboration between Technical Services and Special Collections Abstract
Susan Matveyeva, Lizzy Anne Walker
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal CAMP (Cyber-infrastructure and Metadata Protocols)-4-DATA Abstract
Jane Greenberg
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal Categorization Ethics: Questions about Lying, Moral Truth, Privacy and Big Data Abstract
Joseph A Busch
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark COAR Controlled Vocabularies – enhancing interoperability across repository networks Abstract
Imma Subirats, Jochen Schirrwagen,, Pedro Príncipe
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark Cognitive and Contextual Computing - Laying a Global Data Foundation Abstract
Richard Wallis
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Collaborate, Automate, Prepare, Prioritize: Creating Metadata for Legacy Research Data Abstract
Inna Kouper, Stacy R Konkiel, Jennifer A Liss, Juliet L Hardesty
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. Collaborative Metadata Application Profile Development for DAMS Migration Abstract
Anne M. Washington, Andrew Weidner
DC-2012, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia Conceptual framework of Metadata Schema development for a digitized Inscriptions Collection Management. Abstract
Witsapat Chaichuay, Lampang ManMart, Vilas Wuwongse, Nisachol Chamnongsri
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Converting Personal Comic Book Collection Records to Linked Data Abstract
Sean Petiya
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. Creating a Linked Data-Friendly Metadata Application Profile for Archival Description Abstract
Mark A. Matienzo, Elizabeth Russey Roke, Scott Carlson
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Cross-Domain Metadata Interoperability: Lessons Learnt in INSPIRE Abstract
Andrea Perego, Michael Lutz, Massimo Craglia, Silvia Dalla Costa
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Cultural Heritage Linked Data Abstract
Stefanie Ruehle, Kai Eckert, Francesca Schulze
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Cultural Heritage Metadata Task Group Abstract
Stefanie Ruehle
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Current Developments in Metadata for Research Data Abstract
Jian Qin, Alex Ball, Jane Greenberg, Adrian Ogletree, John Kunze, Amy Barton
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark Current Work of the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative, Building on to Describe Learning Resources Abstract
Phil Barker, Lorna M Campbell, Richard Wallis
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Darling, we need to talk Abstract
Gildas Illien
DC-2017, Washington, D.C. Data and Metadata Instantiation: Use Cases and a Conceptual Model Abstract
Richard P. Smiraglia
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Data enrichment and transformation in the LOD context: Poor and popular vs. rich and lonely - can't we achieve both? Abstract
Gildas Illien
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Data Harmonisation between National Library Board, National Archives and National Heritage Board of Singapore Abstract
Shan Shan Chan, Haliza Jailani
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark Data-Driven Development of the Dewey Decimal Classification Abstract
Rebecca Green
DC-2011, The Hague - The Europeana Linked Open Data Pilot Abstract
Bernhard Haslhofer, Antoine Isaac
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal DC Metadata is Alive and Well - A New Standard for Education Abstract
Liddy Nevile
DC-2011, The Hague DC Registry Community and Task Group Workshop Abstract
Corey A. Harper
DC-2011, The Hague DC-Education Community and Task Groups Workshop Abstract
Stuart A. Sutton, Diane Ileana Hillmann
DC-2011, The Hague DC-Government community workshop Abstract
Hans Overbeek
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. DCMI @ 20: Past, Present, Future Abstract
Eric Miller
DC-2011, The Hague DCMI Libraries Application Profile Task Group Workshop Abstract
Stefanie Ruehle, Mary S. Woodley
DC-2011, The Hague DCMI Libraries Community Workshop Abstract
Stefanie Ruehle, Sarah Hartman, Sally Chambers
DC-2011, The Hague DCMI RDA Task Group Workshop Abstract
Gordon Dunsire, Diane Ileana Hillmann
DC-2011, The Hague DCMI/NKOS Task Group Workshop Abstract
Marcia Lei Zeng, Doug Tudhope, Traugott Koch, Marjie Hlava
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal DCMI-NKOS Task Group Abstract
Marcia Lei Zeng, Maja Zumer, Joseph Busch
DC-2011, The Hague Describing Collections & Collection Services for the BTP Abstract
Timothy W. Cole, Myung-Ja K. Han, Doug Moncur, Harriett E. Green
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Describing Theses and Dissertations Using Abstract
Jeff Keith Mixter, Patrick OBrien, Kenning Arlitsch
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Desenvolvimento de Perfis de Aplicação de Metadados Abstract
Mariana Curado Malta, Thomas Baker, Ana Alice Baptista, Eva Méndez
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark Design Your Linkable Metadata: Guided Brainstorming Abstract
Mariana Curado Malta, Eva Méndez, Ana Alice Baptista, Tom Baker
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Designing a Multi-level Metadata Standard based on Dublin Core for Museum data Abstract
Jing Wan, Yubin Zhou, Gang Chen, Junkai Yi
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal Designing a Multilingual Knowledge Graph as a Service for Cultural Heritage – Some Challenges and Solutions Abstract
Valentine Charles, Hugo Manguinhas, Antoine Isaac, Nuno Freire, Sergiu Gordea
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Designing an Application Profile Using Qualified Dublin Core: A Case Study with Fracture Mechanics Datasets Abstract
João Aguiar Castro, Cristina Ribeiro, João Rocha da Silva
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Designing an Archaeology Database: Mapping Field Notes to Archival Metadata Abstract
Ann Ellis
DC-2018, Porto, Portugal Developing a Metadata Application Profile for the Daily Hire Labour Abstract
Sangeeta Sen, Nisat Raza, Animesh Dutta, Mariana Curado Malta, Ana Alice Baptista
DC-2014, Austin Texas, U.S.A. Development of the EDDA Study Design Terminology to Enhance Retrieval of Clinical and Bibliographic Records in Dispersed Repositories Abstract
Ashleigh N. Faith, Eugene Tseytlin, Tanja Bekhuis
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark Digital Asset Management Systems: Open Source or Not Open Source? Abstract
Marina Morgan, Naomi Eichenlaub
DC-2013, Lisbon, Portugal Digital Humanities and Metadata: Linking the Past to the Digital Future Abstract
Marina Morgan, M J Suhonos, Fangmin Wang
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Do We Need Application Profiles? Reflections and Suggestions from work in DCMI and ISO/IEC Abstract
Eva M. Méndez, Liddy Nevile
DC-2016, Copenhagen, Denmark Dolmen: A Linked Open Data Model to Enhance Museum Object Descriptions Abstract
Clément Arsenault, Elaine Ménard
DC-2011, The Hague Domain Specific Considerations of Metadata for Cultural Heritage Abstract
Emad Khazraee
DC-2015, São Paulo, Brazil Dublin Core and CIDOC CRM Harmonization Abstract
Lais Carrasco, Silvana A. Borsetti Gregorio Vidotti
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