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  Professional Program Activities  

In addition to the Technical Program (yet to be announced), DC-2015 will provide an array of professional development Workshops, Tutorials and Special Sessions.

Pre-/Post-Conference Workshops & Tutorials

Developing Application Profiles Workshop Title: Development of Metadata Application Profiles
Day/Time: Tuesday, September 1st— 8:30-17:30
Workshop Leads: Thomas Baker, Mariana Malta, Eva Méndez & Ana Alice Baptista
Workshop Language: Portuguese (Simultaneous English translation)

Abstract: Do you have resources you want to publish on the Web? Don't know where you should begin or how those resources should or can be described? This workshop will help you answer these questions by teaching you how to develop a metadata application profile.

An application profile (AP) is a kind of schema and documentation that: (a) defines metadata records, (b) describes the structure and the content of those records, (c) defines which properties will be used from existing schemas and those you need to create, and (d) teaches you how optimized the result for your application domain. APs are a central construct in developing semantically interoperable metadata for the Web and understanding the processes in their development is central to creating metadata that speaks the language of the Linked Open Data ecosystem. Working in groups with common interests, workshop participants will engage in hands-on activities developing an AP. We invite participants to bring their own real world problems in order to ground the activities of the workshop in practical ways. At the end of the workshop, participants will understand the concept of application profiles, the processes used in their development, and their importance to the Linked Open Data ecosystem.

Interested? « Click here» to watch an introductory video in Portuguese (subtitles in English).

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Workshop sponsored by:

DCMI Education and Outreach Committee

Training the Trainer of Linked Data

Workshop Title: Training the Trainers for Linked Data
Day/Time: Tuesday, September 1st— 8:30-17:30
Workshop Leads: Seth van Hooland & Ruben Verborgh
Workshop Language: English (Simultaneous Portuguese translation)

Abstract: Linked Data has gained momentum, and practitioners are eager to use its principles to derive more value from metadata. Available handbooks and training materials focus on an audience with a computer science background. However, people with a non-technical education find it hard to understand what Linked Data can mean for them. This full-day, hands-on workshop will provide an overview of methods and case studies from the handbook "Linked Data for Libraries, Archives and Museums" (2014, ALA/Neal-Schuman). Using freely available tools and data, this workshop will teach you how to clean, reconcile, enrich, and publish your metadata. Participants will learn about concepts, methods, and tools that they can use on their own, or to teach others within their own institutions, to get more value from metadata.

This workshop is part of the DCMI Train the Trainer series of workshops, tutorials and webinars dedicated to further development of the metadata professional workforce. The workshop is an updated version of a similar workshop held at DC-2014.

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Workshop sponsored by:

DCMI Education and Outreach Committee

SKOS Workshop

Workshop Title: Elaboration of Controlled Vocabularies Using SKOS
Day/Time: Friday, September 4th— 8:30-17:30
Workshop Lead: Juan-Antonio Pastor-Sánchez
Workshop Language: Spanish (Simultaneous Portuguese translation)

Abstract: The development of knowledge organization systems with the World Wide Web Consortium's Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) has become a standard of the Semantic Web. This Workshop will provide an introduction to the Semantic Web technologies as background for SKOS. The structural elements of the SKOS ontology and different quality indicators will be explained in detail. The workshop will also cover the SKOS-XL extension and recent work to integrate SKOS with ISO 25964—Thesaurus Schemas. During the Workshop, the ontology editor Protégé will be used for the creation of SKOS knowledge organization systems for further validation through online services.

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Workshop sponsored by:

DCMI Education and Outreach Committee

Conference Special Sessions Extending Influence Special Session Title: Structured Data on the Web—An Extending Influence
Day/Time: Wednesday, September 2nd— 16:00-17:30
Hosted by: Richard Wallis, Technology Evangelist, OCLC and Chair, Schema Bib Extend W3C Community Group
Session Language: English (Simultaneous Portuguese translation)

Abstract: Building on the successes of special sessions at the previous two DCMI International Conferences, this session will be of relevance to all with an interest in from its basics, influence and reach for structured data on the web, to extension proposals to gain domain specific depth in the vocabulary as it evolves. There will be a small number of scene setting presentations from those active in the evolution and application of This will be followed by open 'question and answer' and discussion session exploring aspects of interest to all.

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Research Data session logo Special Session Title: Current Developments in Metadata for Research Data
Day/Time: Thursday, September 3rd— 14:00-15:30
Session Co-Leaders: Alex Ball, Jane Greenberg & Jian Qin
Session Language: English (Simultaneous Portuguese translation)

Abstract: Metadata research and development (R&D) has reached a pivotal juncture where Big Data, metadata, and cyberinfrastructure meet. Data-driven research generates massive amounts of data at an ever-increasing rate. Numerous data repositories have been built and continue to be built to store, archive, manage, and facilitate discovery and use of these vast data sources. This raises for data managers, researchers, and government policy makers different sets of issues relating to the management, curation, discovery, and use of data. Nevertheless, they all recognize the enabling role of metadata in managing and leveraging the value of research data in knowledge discovery.

This DC-SAM Community Special Session has the following two goals:

  1. report recent metadata activities relevant to the management and curation of research data;
  2. promote information exchange among members from different communities through open discussion.

In support of the second goal, participants will be invited to share their experiences and concerns regarding metadata standards, best practices for scientific data, and similar topics. This session is intended to be accessible to all, including those who have not previously attended DCMI events. The participation of newcomers and non-experts is encouraged.

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Special Session sponsored by:

DC-SAM Community

Cultural Heritage Linked Data logo Special Session Title: Cultural Heritage Linked Data
Day/Time: Wednesday, September 2nd, 14:00-15:30
Session Presenters: Stefanie Rühle, Kai Eckert & Francesca Schulze
Session Language: English (Simultaneous Portuguese translation)

Abstract: The global networking of science and culture has reached new dimensions over the last decade and cultural heritage gateways (e.g. Europeana, Digital Public Library of America (DPLA)) have been created with the aim to contextualize cultural heritage objects across the borders of organizations, countries and disciplines. Metadata used in this context has to be Linked Open Data, i.e. data compliant to the four principles of linked data as defined by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. But most of the data cultural heritage organizations provide today was created using pre-Web standards and schemas and, therefore, is only partially fit for use in the Linked Data World. This session presents projects engaged in the publication of cultural heritage data as Linked Data and will show some of the problems they have to handle and some of the solutions they have devised to make their data fit the Semantic Web.

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DCMI Technical Board Roundtable Special Session Title: DCMI Roundtable
Day/Time: Thursday, September 3rd— 16:00-17:30
Session Moderator: Kai Eckert, Stuttgart Media University, Germany & DCMI Technical Board Co-Chair
Session Language: English (Simultaneous Portuguese translation)

Abstract: DCMI will host a free-wheeling discussion touching on architecture, philosophy, and the practical aspects of metadata design and best practices. Discussion with the panel will include current and emerging trends as well as open issues. Active audience questions and participation is encouraged.

Round Table Panelists & Moderator:

  • Tom Baker, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea & DCMI, Germany
  • Paul Walk, EDINA, UK
  • Ana Alice Baptista, Universidade do Minho, Portugal
  • Richard Wallis, OCLC, UK
  • Stefanie Rühle, SUB Goettingen, Germany
  • [Others TBA]

Special Session sponsored by:

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